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Bio Sensor is an active vibration dampening system which provides the player with unmatched feel and a 15% increase in dampening. We place a pin with a mass at the end of the handle with the possibility to “swing” against the initial influence on the playability of the racquet.


Organix is high tech carbon nano tubes surrounded by cellulose fibers to give your racquet a springboard effect. Organix will be loaded up with immediately again.Due to extraordinary vibration-absorbing properties, Organix gives your game 30% more dynamic power and handling.


Highly visual and contrasting optic field helps the eye to focus on the hitting zone and keep your attention on the ball. Optispot is a visual support to hit the ball in the center of the sweet spot. Elements of the same color,shape or size,will be seen on the racket,will form a visual center,which allows the players eye to focus on the center of the string bed and pay closer attention to the ball.


Featuring tried and tested DNX technology,the bottom of the racquet has been compressed into a thinner bridge for a more responsive string bed. With the implementation of DNX into the bridge,the racquet becomes more stable,and more shock absorbent.


Due to the use of DNX,the frame remains stable in the players hand on every stroke.There is minimal distortion in the key-areas of the racquet frame. This results in less energy loss and into more power! DNX is positioned on the sides of the racquet head and provides increased torsional for improved ball control,especially on off-center shots.


Designed to be free-moving upon impact,the POWER ARM is drawn back upon ball to string-bed contact. As the ball sinks deeper into the string-bed,the POWER ARM moving in unison becomes energized. At the precise time where the ball starts to leave the string-bed pocket the POWER ARM react-returning the stored energy to the ball so maximum power is achieved.


With the Catapult Effect the ball is accelerated with 30% more power and 30% more control – even for those balls not hitting the sweet-spot. The Catapult springs allow for a deeper string-bed pocket upon impact. Then at the precise moment the ball is leaving the strings,the springs return state delivering more power.


Big Grommets allow greater string movement for an increased sweet-spot. This results in more power, especially on off center hits. Big Grommets combined with the revolutionary VolkI Tennis Catpult Effect work harmoniously for total playing enjoyment. Big Grommets can increase the sweet spot by up to 100Cm2.